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Our Mission

Wakoma is a social enterprise building open source solutions to improve the provision of public services around the world.   

Wakoma invests in applied research and development to tackle global challenges in education, internet access, WASH, agriculture, disaster & humanitarian response, and other sectors.

Our Approach

Just over 50% of the world’s population is online – but we know that this was the “easier” half to connect and that the rate at which new users are connecting is slowing.

On the supply side access growth is slowing because of a lack of investment in infrastructure in more sparsely populated rural areas – “the last mile”.  On the demand side growth is slowing because of the lack of relevant and affordable content and services for communities, and the lack digital skills needed to use and build them.

Why should communities demand internet access if they do not see the value in it?  Why demand access when there is no existing entertaining, educational, or otherwise valuable content in local languages relevant to local communities, no mechanism to create and share this content, or the digital skills or financial resources to do either?

Wakoma is tackling these challenges by building connectivity and EdTech solutions that start with communities at the “first centimeter”. At the same time we are working with our partners to deploy community-based telecommunications infrastructure where there is no access and where access is unreliable, unaffordable, or excessively censored.

If incumbent operators are the rocks in the jar, Wakoma is empowering communities to become the sand that fills in the unconnected spaces.

Our Team

From academic research to drafting policy and regulations, from teaching F2F and eLearning courses to crimping cables and hanging APs, our team, advisors and partners are tackling connectivity, education, and other global challenges in innovative, collaborative and open ways.

Eric Nitschke

Founder - Prague/Cape TOwn

Eric is a social entrepreneur and innovator using open-source and human-centered approaches to solve complex education and connectivity challenges.

Amudhan Manivasagam

Sysadmin - Coimbatore

Amudhan is an engineer and entrepreneur proving how system administration and development can solve real-world problems.

Dirk Uys

Developer - Cape Town

Dirk is an expert in EdTech and open education, and jack of all trades in software and hardware development.

Tomas Peterka

Data EngineeR - Prague/Global

A pilot/polygot/programmer building a Lokalized platform for local communities.  Since completing his masters in machine learning and working as a developer he is pursuing Ops to complete his stack.

François-Guillaume Lemesre

Engineer - Waterloo

François is pursuing Mathematical Physics degree at the University of Waterloo and working with Wakoma on the next generation of nimble hardware and Lokal services.

Dean Kayton

DevOps - Global

Dean is a devops guru, open-source software advocate, and true digital nomad.

Josephine Miliza​

Advisor - Nairobi

Josephine is a network engineer, a human centered design specialist, and a thought leader in the Community Networks Movement.

Ayush Taneja

Software & Network Engineer - Edmonton

Ayush is an experienced software & network engineer, currently pursuing a Masters in ‘Internetworking’.

Dr. David Johnson

Advisor - Cape Town

David is an advisor to Wakoma on telecom engineering and policy.

Matthew Tait

Engineer - London

Matthew is a Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Embedded Systems Engineer – you name it he builds it.

María Alvarez Malvido​

Consultant - Oaxaca

María is a member of Redes AC (México) and graduate student in communications and technology. She is engaged in rethinking technology through community-based processes of communication and connectivity.



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