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An actual 'mobile' network. Fits as a carry-on.

Offline First

Seed new networks, even when there is no internet.

what is it?

open Hardware. open firmware. Open software. open education

The nimble project aims to empower communities and small-scale network operators to co-design, build, and share internet infrastructure and useful services. We believe that the internet can (and should) be far more resilient, inclusive, and equitable…and to these ends we’re building open tools that enable anyone to build their own networks, large and small, fixed and portable.
The idea is to enable anyone to use open tools to build their own network that is fit-for-purpose and can be rapidly adapted and scaled up and down as needed. 
Want to build a mini-mesh in your home so your family or friends can stream high quality movies or tv shows to their phones with no internet? Great – grab a small computer to be the server and a few routers/access points.
Keen to communicate or game with friends in your village or neighborhood completely offline? Get a more powerful server, outdoor access points, and a ladder.
Want to build a commercial network, buy a fibre connection and sell internet services to your community? Run the numbers, buy the hardware, get a license, and start selling. 
Need a low-power and portable setup to produce and share news media in a volatile area? Download and print a few shelves, add your mini-server, router, audio interface, and get reporting.   
This can all be done faster, cheaper, and more collaboratively through open hardware, firmware, software, education…and open collaboration.
Anyone connected to the nimble can video and voice chat, stream videos, share files, build and run eLearning courses and website, create collaborative spreadsheets and documents, read e-books, play games, and so much more…completely offline. Have a look at the local (Lokal) services our partners are running here.
What’s the catch? No catch. Download and print the 3D designs, read our guides, ask questions and get answers on our forums – all for free. Want to pay us to print and supply the materials for you, customize designs, configure hardware/firmware/software, and help you deploy via remote support (or in-person)? This is what we do, and we’re getting really good at it.  Ping us!

nimble Wins Best Overall Proof-of-Concept in the 2021 IEEE Connecting the Unconnected Challenge

257 entries from 69 nations, and $60,000 in cash prizes…and nimble rose to the top!

To learn more about the Challenge and the 2021 CTU Summit click here:

how do I build one?

We’re working on detailed build-guides, a hardware database/BOM, web-app to customize 3D designs, and an online store where you can buy all materials.
In the meantime, you can find files and resources on our nimble GitHub Repo.
For more information about deploying local/offline-first content and services you can find our docs here and Lokal GitHub Repo here.

Here are some potential use cases for the nimble:

  • Disaster/Humanitarian response – Quickly build communications infrastructure for response coordination.
  • Community Networks – Start a new network, or add offline content & services to your existing community-based network.
  • Small-Scale ISP/Operator – Build a full-scale network that provides affordable and reliable services to your local area while generating revenue for growth.
  • IoT Integration – Collect and disseminate sensor data through the network.
  • Portable Homelab – Easy network transfer and setup for frequent travelers
  • Rural schools and community centers – Conduct eLearning & provide educational content, offline or online.
  • Remote events and festivals – Provide internet or offline content in remote areas.
  • Field data collection, storage and sharing – Store and share data collected from mobiles on the go.
  • Video and audio calling and messaging
  • High-speed file-sharing and synchronization
  • Voucher Sales – Share and sell access to your internet connection
  • Wireless network management
  • Social eLearning: build, run and take courses offline or online
  • Accessing educational content – videos, books, courses
  • Building and hosting local websites and blogs
  • Media streaming
  • Playing games and hosting game servers
  • Collaborative document and spreadsheet creation
  • Downloading files/torrents (like Kiwix education ZIMs)
  • Social Networking and forums
  • Reading and organizing e-books
  • Building photo and video galleries
  • Conducting surveys, polls and questionnaires
  • Collecting ethical usage and traffic analytics
  • Much more!

Ten. Ten thousand. More. It really depends on your objectives. Work with your community to define your needs and wants, then select the appropriate hardware/designs/architecture accordingly.

Yes! That’s the point.  Build on what you already have.  Our goal is to make that easier for you.

Yes! We are soon launching a e-store where anyone can buy a kit with all the 3D printed parts needed to build a nimble.

Just buy and add the hardware and you’re off(line)!

In the meantime reach out to for kits.

Jump in anywhere. We love to collaborate and welcome contributions from the open source community.  We also have paid bounties if you’re interested.

You can find our repos here, or reach out any time!


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